ByteZero Intranet Smart Messaging Software (iSMS)

ByteZero Intranet Smart Messaging Software is a Web Based Application which is developed to send sms text messages over the Intranet. BZ-iSMS can be installed in your local computer network (Intranet) and is developed in a way that it can be easily migrated according to the user’s requirements. iSMS enables organization, management and employees to communicate with each other through the In-house server. It allows users of the Intranet to send individual SMS text messages to each others mobile sets. Users through the BZ-iSMS could also send multiple sms messages to a group of people. Individual users can create own groups and default groups are available based on the designation of the employees and is accessible to all the users of BZ-iSMS. Each group can have multiple individual mobile numbers. BZ-iSMS will help you send and receive SMS messages from and to websites to and from your mobile phone in a simple and cost effective way.

ByteZero Fleet Management System helps transporters to automate their process right from tracking the Client details, Employee details, Vehicle details and generate bills for the Clients.

ByteZero Alumni Network Management is Web based software for building vibrant Alumni Online Portal.

The site is a venue for alumni to connect with former classmates, college mates, faculty and students. It gives an opportunity for Alumni to share their experience and build ever lasting relationships. The Colleges can benefit from Alumni experience and promote their campus placement programs through the Alumni. Over the portal we can create events, share photographs, create surveys and post jobs.

With BZ-ANet, your college would really mean “Be in Touch” when they say it.

ByteZero Smart Messaging Software is unique software that gives you the flexibility of using your mobile phone as a SMS Server and sending thousands of SMS in one go. Sending SMS through BZ-SMS is not just cheap but it also let's you reach out existing and potential customers within milliseconds at a fraction of a paisa.