About Platlap

Platlap Solutions provides a wide range of Recruitment and Software Development Services to customers. We focus on enhancing the success of our Clients by providing them the best solutions for their business needs.

ByteZero, the software development division of Platlap, focuses on Custom Software Development, IT Services and Business Solutions. Apart from the suite of products for different business needs; we also cater to the client requirements for customized software and automation.

About ByteZero

ByteZero has always believed that a Technology or Solution is not worth, unless it reaches everyone who needs it. Our pursuit for 'Reach out' has led us to come-up with Solutions that make everyone's life simpler and is affordable. At ByteZero, we evaluate every Business Idea with only one parameter... will this make someone's life simpler. Ideas qualifying are pursued unless we have nailed it.

We believe in making 'Solutions Affordable' and not just creating 'Affordable Solutions'.

What makes us Unique?

  • Customized service to everyone we partner with.
  • Every requirement is treated as a priority.
  • Ownership and commitment to whatever we do.
  • Follow-up till satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction to the core. Services beyond delivery.
  • Defined Quality Process for Continual Improvement.